Thursday, September 4, 2008

Story of Me

Enough of posts about food, enough of posts about places i've travelled, and for now, i'm gonna write a post about me. Yes, ONLY about me and myself !! Hope you guys wont get bored reading the rest of this post.

It's not a happy or interesting story, just gonna tell a silly story of myself when i was young - a teenager. I'm not saying that i'm OLD now, but i actually felt that i am OLD at this age of 25 ! You got to believe it.

Actually, it's not really a story, but it's simply what i've been thinking during my younger age, about LOVE, LIFE and MARRIAGE. The summarised of it :-

#1 What exactly is Love ?? It is the most difficult question for mankind. At this point, I don't really have the answer for it. And i'm such a loser ! After many failed relationships, i'm STILL a LOSER.

#2 LIFE is COMPLICATED, LIFE is full of shits. LIFE sucks, sometimes most of the times !!

#3 MARRIAGE is what ?? a male + a female legally staying under the same roof ??

Know what, i used to think that i wanna get married before or at the age of 25. How silly is that ? I really wished and hoped for it when i was still studying in secondary school. I really thought that 25 is the perfect age for marriage, a fairy-tale marriage, but how wrong am i !! after so many shits things happened to me, i realised it's not up to my control for "when" i wanna get married. And, it's not so easy as i thought. For SURE, i'm NOT gonna make it !! In next life, perhaps.

Sometimes, i will ask myself, what's so wrong with me ? Can somebody tell me ? Things will never end. I just wanted to be cared and loved by someone who is really sincere in doing so. Is it so hard ? GOD knows.

Recently, i've been going through the list of friends on my Friendster and Facebook. To my surprise, so many of my primary and secondary school mates are married, and some even with kid not one but a few ? hahaa... Congrattss to you guys, for successfully entering another phase/stage of life !!

I dont wanna elaborate more. That's about it.

I should have WAKE UP by now !!

p/s: thanks for reading, if you're still reading at this point...


~HAWA~ said...

hahaha...kita serupa...kekeke...i totally agree wif u...i also a loser in love r/ is dem complicated...n a question i'll avoid most as long as i havent found my other half...hihi....

Anonymous said...

emm...wat u said is totally kick me into the point ..i dy fall in tat black hole ..still wonderin still thinkin still dreamin ..still findin way to get OUT ....aarrrghhh

atrica said...

wow... hawa... 1st time tengok u drop comment kat sini... thanks for visiting... great to see you here.. :)

anonymous: yea, let's find our way out of this miserable life !!

tihtahpah said...

best things happen when you dont have any expectations. take it easy and good things will come to u

Bee Fong said...

sis, alway bear in mind, you alway have frens and family by your side and support you. Cheer up!!