Saturday, July 9, 2011

Most Creative Photobook

lately, i've have had a new hobby - to create Photobook... and i think, i'm addicted to it already... i can stay at my notebook for hours just to get it done... hahaa...

as to date, i have 5 photobooks and there are more to come... hehee... the latest one was the Photobook for my Studio Shoot from Pixajoy... honestly, i've tried a few of them, and i find that Pixajoy's printing quality is the best of them !!

anyway, few days ago, i've received an email from Pixajoy with the subject - "Yay Your Book is The Most Creative Book of the Month - June 2011" and i've actually won another Hardcover photobook for myself... let's celebrate !!!


if you wanna view a few pages of my Winning Photobook, please click

thank you Pixajoy... i will definitely recommend you to my fellow friends... :)

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