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Lydia Shum

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Lydia Shum Din-Ha (Chinese: 沈殿霞, July 21, 1947February 19, 2008), also known as Lydia Shum, was a Hong Kong comedian and actress known for her size. Regularly sporting her signature dark rimmed glasses, she was affectionately known to peers and fans as Fei-fei (肥肥, literally Fat Fat or Fatty), and appeared in numerous Hong Kong films.

Shum died in February 2008 of liver cancer.[1]

Health & Related Developments

Shum had several chronic ailments : cholangitis, diabetes, and hypertension. In 2002, she was admitted to hospital and had 32 gallstones extracted. In September 2006, Shum was diagnosed with liver tumor and cancer around the gallbladder. Immediately, doctors removed one third of her liver.[3]

On 11 October, 2007, Shum collapsed at home due to pleural effusion, and was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong for emergency treatment. She was transferred to the QMH later that day.[3] She was discharged from the hospital on 16 October, 2007.

In late January 2008, Shum's mother passed away in Canada while Shum was already in hospital.

"Fei Fei" died at the Queen Mary Hospital on 19 February 2008, at 08:38.[4]

The cause of death was liver cancer.[5]


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