Friday, February 29, 2008

My LUCKY day @ Café Flam

Friendster Café & Café Flam

yea yeaaaa.... it's was my lucky day yesterday... a very good beginning for year 2008 !!!

after work, my sister sent me to Chee San's place at SS2... we waited for Siau Hui to fetch us to Sunway Pyramid.... since last week, we have planned to go to Café Flam to finish the Dewars that we opened in December last year... it was the last day actually... hehee.... the rest of them couldnt make it... so, only left 3 of us !!
dinner time @ Friendster Café....

after dinner, we went to Café Flam.... it was still early, not many people there although it was ladies night... 3 of us just stand there and camwhored !! hahaaa... we drank our Dewars slowly and steadily... :P

CS, CC and SH... the angels without the "Charlie".... hahaa...

another twins of mine.. CS...

ex-electcom staff la.... :P

more camho shots....

if you look clearly, Joe's name was on the bottle... hahaa...

okay.... finished with the camwhoring thingie.... let's continue to the most important thing that happened last night.... as you can see my post title... it was really MY lucky day if not OUR lucky day !!! for the people that couldnt join us, you girls miss the FUN !!!

since it was ladies night, Café Flam had this Treasure Chest event going on for the past few month if not mistaken.... the ladies need to spend above RM150 to participate in this game... they will need to write their name and telephone number on the receipt and put it into a box so that they will pick the receipt from the box.. and the lucky lady will get a chance to grab a total of RM 1000 + 2 bottle of Bacardi Limon !! it's all inside a Treasure Chest placed in front of the Deejay console... and, the lucky lady will be given 30 seconds to get the right key to open the padlock... it may seems very easy, but mind you, there're 50 keys inside the box !!

okay.... eventually, they need to call 3 ladies for the game... but since some of them already went back, the deejay give a chance to other ladies... one of them was ME and i was the 3rd and last to be called !! thanks to Deejay Soya... he said people called him Soya... hahaaa....

and know what, i got the right key in less than 10 keys.... Alex, the Manager there told me that it was the 7th keys and i was just so lucky.... pheww.... lucky lucky lucky me.... :)

here comes the photos of the "kan-cheong" moments...

DJ Soya cracking some jokes... Alex in light blue shirt... and there were some cash and 2 bottle of Bacardi Limon inside the Treasure Chest...

hand shaking leh...

keep on trying and trying as fast as i could... yes... i did it, hooooraayyy !!!!

the moment i managed to open the padlock, i was already shouting like nobody's business and jumping like mad... Siau Hui came out to hug me... and Chee San have no time to capture the memorable moment cos it just happened in a split of second !! i tell you, it's really count by second... every second means a lot if you couldnt get the right key !!

i was still shivering for quite some time before i managed to calm myself down... cos i still couldnt believe that i actually won it ! it was my first ever biggest winning in terms of money(not gambling la...) + the 2 bottles of Bacardi... and of course, good things need to be shared with my besties cos they gave me moral support and cheered for me !! hahaa....

my winnings... !!

Alex came over to our table and congratulated me again....

this was the 2 RM500 cash vouchers inside the envelope... need to bring it to their HQ to get the cash $$$...

RM500 !!

i parked my bottles at Café Flam so that we will visit the place again... hahaa... girls outing is always the best... we can chit chat, gossip, drink and sometimes we are just LUCKY... such an unexpected windfall for us... hahaa...

sorry for the overdosed word of "LUCKY" used in this post...


again... we are just LUCKY... hehee... :P

reached home happily at 1 ish... i just couldnt wait but shared the happy news with my dad... hahaa...

Note: Joe Ng, if you are reading this, thank you for the Dewars you spent me... if not, we will not come back to Café Flam and we wont have the chance to win anything... :) when you are back to KL, let's go for the Bacardi Limon.... it's on me... hahaaa... thanks ya...


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