Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Warning: This post may contain some disturbing issues of the blog owner. If you do not want to spoil your mood for the day, YOU may stop reading. And this is NO joke. Thanks.

Sometimes I feel that life has its way to us. Somehow, we have to go through it, be it a happy or sad moment.

Is life supposed to be in that way ? Seeing people around me living happily in this world, and me... still the same old me. Of course, i will be happy for them but how bout myself ? Living in this cruel world that doesnt bring any happiness to me. Or maybe, there's a lil' bit of happiness. Most of the time, i've been wondering, what's life all about ?? Is it just a circle of life, you are born - you live - then you die ?? Is it the real life ? I need an answer for myself.

There's so many things to stress about. Friends life, work life, love life and not forgetting family life. But it is the most difficult time to be when things doesnt work out. Especially, when i have nobody to turn to. Being left alone in the dark and suffering in silence. Nobody seems to understand what i'm going through no matter how hard i explain. And, sometimes it feel likes it's the end of the world.

? Why me ?

Is it only me or there's someone else out there who feel the same as i do ?

Has God planned something special for me ? Or, has God put me through another phase of life, the tougher one ? I need some guidance.

I will be stronger, I need to be stronger, and it's just the matter of time !

Hopefully, there's sunshine and rainbow after the rain.

By the way, is there always a way out or a solution to this miserable life ? I need to know.

And, I'm LOST, yes.... again.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get, but in the end what you get is so much better than what you wanted.

GreenKaeru said...

don't worry, you can get thru this. This is just a life phase that everyone need to go through. You know what i did during this phase? I dug my own cave and hide in there until I saw a light... the light is when you learn or you found what you really needed in life. There are not much fairy tales you can have in life as you can never get the best of the best thing in life in every single aspect. Sometimes we just need to learn to prioritize your needs and measure what you need. Sometimes we might need to scarifies some to achieve a better outcome. At times hiding in your own cave is good for you to re-evaluate yourself. But not too long laa... btw not the REAL cave okay ... lol... cheers, my friend.