Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Loving Memory - 1st Anniversary

In Loving Memory - 1st Anniversary
03/10/1955 - 15/08/2009


How are you doing up there ?

It’s been a year since you left us, but your memory still remains – as clear as day.

And it still felt like yesterday, all of us stood by your bedside, watching you leaving us. How I wish it was just a dream.

Things have been so much different since you left. For one, we moved to a new place, leaving behind all the bad memories – a great start for Mum to move on. We had a quiet Chinese New Year this year, and we had our reunion lunch with Sok Sok and family, without you. I miss the times when we would wake up early, getting red packet from you and Mum, not forgetting visiting our relatives. I would say, it's the most happiest celebration of the year.

As planned earlier, Yeng is getting married soon which is end of this year. How we hope you can witness both of our weddings but it’s all fated. Why did you leave us so early ?

As for me, I've got married early this year, staying with my in-laws – half an hour drive away from Mum. But I do stay over during the weekends to accompany her. Anyway, she already has her own activities nowadays, nothing much to worry. Know what, I’m now 7months pregnant with a baby boy and you gonna be a grandfather soon.

As for Hoong, after being jobless for so long since you left us, is now helping Jay out in his business. At least there’s something for him to learn rather than not doing a single thing. He is still the same as before and there’s nothing much we can do to change him. Or maybe you can go into his dream and talk to him?

Till now, we still wish you were here.

We loved you, DAD. Forever missed and forever in our heart.

Please take good care of yourself, k ?

Your daughter,



yeng said...


Jennie See said...

I'm in tears :( I miss him too.

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