Thursday, August 5, 2010

Something about WORK

hmmm... how do i start this ??

i seldom blog about my work, sometimes it's just the updates of our company trip, our welcome/farewell lunches and so... and nothing serious about WORK !

now, i'm gonna write something here... about what had happened recently, in my workplace...

here comes the story...

not long ago, as some of you already know about it... my company just hired an Admin Asst who will eventually backed me up during my 2 months maternity which is coming real soon... since my boss was too busy with his work, i was the one who interviewed her and selected her among some other candidates... for which - i have made the worst decision !!

all i could say, she was a fresh grad... looking for a job with only a certificate in hand... i was being very patient to a "fresh grad", trying my best to teach her what an admin asst supposed to do here in my company... as time goes by, i somehow found out that she was not catching up with most of the things here... even some of the simplest thing, she expected me to spoon-feed her... oh my god... what is this ???

you told me you know how to use MS Word and Excel ?? and yet, you keep on asking me how to do this and how to do that ?? am i a lecturer or what ?? from the simplest questions to the stupidest questions... i've had enough of it !!

i wont be having enough time to "teach" you... enough said !!

luckily, my boss was being understanding and decided to terminate her service after one month... anyway, she's still under probation... i was quite relief that i don't need to see her face anymore... pheww !!

p/s: anyway, this gal being unsatisfied with me personally and wrote so many bad things about me, cursing me and so.... which does not and wont be affecting me... yes, i used to read her blog previously and i have stopped reading it NOW !!! so... i wish her luck !!

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