Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthday Present

hmmm... what is my topic for today ??

yeaa... it's birthday present..

for this year's birthday, i got an angpao from my dad, a lovely working dress from a friend, a Korean dinner from my besties and lots of birthday wishes from friends and family...

is that all ??


cos i still owe myself a birthday gift... what is it ??? heheee... i'm still looking for one... a boyfriend ?? a car ?? a house ?? hahaaa... i'm not that rich laaa... but i think it's gonna cost me around 2k ?? can you guess it now ?? :P

will update soon once i got it !!

actually, since i started working at the age of 20, i hardly spend so much money on things... except for trips to Adelaide in 2002, Korea in 2004 (it's a mother's day gift for my mum), London in 2006, Hong Kong in 2007 & 2008 and Bangkok in 2008.... other than that, the most expensive thing is my FACIAL !! last year, i've signed up for a facial course that cost me almost 3k !!! kinda regretted after doing so, but too late... hahaaa... my hard-earned $$$ flew away from me... :P

anyone willing to sponsor me ??

or else, i will need to print more $$$ !!!

* faint *

by the way, HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

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