Sunday, January 4, 2009

EyeBrow Embroidery

it's my 2nd post of the year 2009...

it's about eyebrow embroidery... i did it, at last !!! for the past year, i have been thinking whether to do it or not... considering the amount of $$$ , the pain to suffer and will it look nice after that...

didnt know why, on the 3rd day of the brand new year, i have made the crazy decision to let someone poking at my eyebrow with not only one but some needles.... not saying that my original eyebrows are not nice or what, but i think most of the girls out there did it to look better, rite ?? my mum actually encouraged me to go for it, but my sis said no... hehee...

on the 3rd morning, after calling some beauty salons to check out the details, i quickly made an appointment for that evening itself... asked my mum to accompany me there... actually, i did asked lots of question before i decided to go for it... and the only thing that concern me the most was :

"Will my eyebrow look like Shin Chan's after the embroidery ??"

hahaaa... the beautician even assured me that i still can go out jalan-jalan right after the cucuk-ing process !!


although the process took less than half an hour, but the PAIN was so unbearable !! my tears flowing non-stop from my eyes... damn it !!

and, i actually need to pay for the pain.. hahaaa....

nice ahh ???

p/s: wondering whether i still wanna go for a body tattoo... sakit la... OUCH !!!

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