Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yen Ling's Wedding

Yen Ling's Wedding Dinner @ Flower Drum, KL

it's the 3rd wedding dinner i've attended with my Dear in these 2 months... in fact, it's within 30 days... one was his school mate - Jersey's wedding and the other was his cousin's wedding in Penang... i've had few busy weekends and expecting some relaxing weekends soon... :)

we reached there around 8pm... we're actually quite late, but biasalah, wedding dinner sure started late one.. hehee.... :P

the GHOST - Yee Fatt !!
the TEACHER - Su Hwee "Lao Shi"...

the "COUPLE" ?? no laa... just friends... :)

this is the real COUPLE - CC and JK.... :)

the dinner started quite late around 8.30pm... and, the light goes off for the "food presentation ceremony"...

nice pic, horr ?? like a LOVE shape... but, he's not the groom !!!

Yee Fatt and the notorious Keat !

us again... we took lots of photos to kill our time while waiting for the food... :)

the buddies... GAY ?? i mean the middle one, with his seductive and killer eyes... he is still single as i'm writing this post..... anyone interested, kindly contact me... :P :P

ehh, why there's 2 separate group in this pic ??? there's a gap in between... alamak !!

here, a nicer one... the Gay Keat and the couples ??

i love this photo... so natural !!

lastly, we took a photo with the newly wed...

wishing them a Happy Marriage...

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