Sunday, April 6, 2008

Smorty !!

Smorty ?? Ever heard about it ?

It's another website that linked us blogger to the advertiser - which means get paid to blog or to get paid for blogging. For bloggers who have been writing about some products or services, Smorty is indeed your good friend. It helps you to earn money by blogging for them.

Again, i got to know Smorty through my blogger friend who has been earning some extra cash while blogging. So, without waiting any longer, i immediately signed up with Smorty and here i am, writing some sponsored post to earn money.

It's very easy with Smorty, all you need to do is to sign up for an account with Smorty, choose an opportunity that are available for you, blog it, get it approved and, yes... the money is yours. But don't forget that you need to have an account with Pay Pal, and you can start earning right away.

What I like about Smorty is that I can earn money by doing something I love in a very little time. I just need to spend around 10-15 minutes of my free time a day to write a relevant post and get paid. And, not only i can earn money, i also gained some extra knowledge and learned something from what i've wrote because there is a lot of topics to write which i need to do some research on the topic.

Ever thought of making money by blogging ? Smorty is the right choice !!

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