Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who's our Malaysian Dreamgirl ?

Well, well... recently i realised there's quite a number of people talking about our first reality model search in Malaysia - the Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG in short) ! I got to know about it from CLEO magazine quite sometime ago and didnt know that it will be such a great reality show.

As I've watched some other reality show such as America Next Top Model before, i found that MDG is quite similar to ANTM. The only difference is that MDG is broadcast over the internet and also the elimination is based on the votes from the public. In this case, i guessed during this time, friends and family are very important - that is to vote for them, and the chances will be high for them to stay in the show till the end.

Okay, actually i just wanted to write some comments about the Dreamgirls. Although i aint any of the judges, but i still have my rights to write about them, right ? :) If you are watching those episodes on the MDG website, you will notice that they have took a few photo shoots - after the make over, sexy lingerie, man's wear and the latest one was taken outside their Dreamhouse if not mistaken. And i actually love their latest photo shoot where they were all wearing white tops or dress. All of them looked so natural - with their big smile in the photo.

In any reality show, for sure there must be some conflicts among the girls - who likes who and vice versa. And in this case, it will be Cindy - especially with her accent and the "house chores" thing that is happening in the Dreamhouse. She's the one being isolated in the show. Most of the girls dislikes her so much till the extend she complained it to her Dad over the phone. Interesting, hah ? To me, if it's just by her look, i'll give her a score of 7/10. She's quite pretty and has a fresh look. But, that's just my opinion. :)


Other than that, my favourite girl would be Hanis. To be honest, during the first round, i didnt notice her at all but after a few episodes, i slowly lay my eyes on her. She has bring out the most out of herself and in fact she did a very good job in the make up challenge. Just wondering, why she's the only one speaking Malay in the show. Other than that, she's almost perfect.

my favourite girl - Hanis..

My second favourite would be Ringo the Cheesie from the Cheeserland. Although she's quite petite but she has a pretty and cute face, most importantly she looked so great after the makeover. And for sure, she has lots of fans out there. By the way, Cheddie, have you vote for her ?? hehee...

Ringo aka the Cheesie...

Not forgetting Nadia, the girl that has the fierce face. That's what the others said about her - mainly because of her eyes. I like her too, cos she has a very unique look among the rest.

Nadia with her mesmerizing eyes...

Okay, i'm not gonna write much about the other girls or else you guys will get bored reading . Anyway, all the girls are trying their best to win the first ever Malaysian Dreamgirl. So, let's wait and see who's the next girl to be eliminated.

VOTE for your favourite Dreamgirl now before it's too late !

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