Monday, August 27, 2007

My Weekend

relaxing Saturday

went to my aunty's house @ Selayang on Saturday with my mother....
nothing much to do...

just finished sewing a hand-made blanket for my aunty...and now i'm sewing another blanket for my Godmother... her birthday is on early November... hope i can finish it on time... :P

supposed to go Aloha at night with Siau Hui and friends... but last minute, i didnt go becos some of them lazy to go... Siau Hui went with her Singapore and Penang friends... ended up, i yamcha nearby with a friend....

stitched my blanket while watching TV till 4am.. !!


Charms @ The Curve & Just Thai @ One Utama

woke up quite late... almost 11am... hahaa...

went to The Curve for lunch with Justine on Sunday....bought some beauty products... walked around the Flea Market again... and i bought 3 packs of strawberries too... :)

had dinner at Just Thai @ One Utama with her and her hubby... had some traditional Thai foods and also the hot & spicy Tomyam soup which made me had a bad sore throat the next day... !!!

the chubby me and Justine @ Just Thai

the super hot & spicy TomYam !!

those photos were taken using my lousy 1.0megapixel Nokia 7610... kinda blur rite ?? err... it's better than nothing when we dont have any good camera with us... hehee....

went back home around 10pm, continue stitching and sewing the blanket....

slept at 1am... :)

Listening to: Akon - Sorry, Blame it on Me

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