Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ashop Commerce - Payment Gateway

Glad tidings to all you e-commerce savvy. Ashop Commerce shopping carts has now been fully integrated with Google Checkout. Have you heard of it before ? Well, Google Checkout is one of the best Authorize Net payment gateway available in net. When you select it in your shopping carts software, it will be shown as the payment option on your shopping cart checkout.

Tired of remembering tonnes of login ids and passwords for numerous website ? By using Google Checkout, you will just need one single account and password for stores across the world wide web. One can easily track their orders and shipping details from different stores in one place. An AdWords Secure Google Checkout Badge will appear on the website to show that it is a secure shopping cart.

As for security purpose, you can now have peace of mind while doing your e-shopping. It provides a fraud protection policy that shields you against any unauthorized purchases attempts made thru Google Checkout. It also ensures a complete private and confidentiality of it's users by not disclosing any purchase history and credit card informations to sellers. This also applies to email address as you will have the option to reject unwanted emails from the stores you have done transaction via Google Checkout.

Happy shoppers equals to happy buyers. Google Checkout is one of the most user friendly way to complete your purchase with it's simple checkout process. This will help to reduce the possibility of customers abandoning their carts.

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