Monday, May 12, 2008

I Signed Up for SocialSpark !

Are you looking for a way to earn some money from your blog ? Stop looking around, you can now earn from It is a new creation from IZEA - the people who brought us PayPerPost. SocialSpark connects the bloggers and advertisers with their online advertising marketplace. It helps blogger to monetize their blog, build their own community and drive traffic to the blog.

SocialSpark has four solid code of ethics:

i) 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure (those little banners that you see on some of my posts)
ii) 100% Transparency (means we are being honest on what we wrote)
iii) 100% Real Opinions (we are just expressing our genuine thoughts)
iv) 100% Search Engine Friendly (it does not affect search engine rankings)

Earlier, I've wrote about the few simple steps to join SocialSpark and the sign up process in my previous post. It is so easy and you can just sign up right away. This time i'm gonna show some of the screenshots in

once you've created an account, you will login into this's the main page - Home... (upper part)

this is bottom of the main page...

as you can see, there's four tabs on the top right of this page:

* Marketplace - it's the place where you can create opportunity (for advertisers), browse for opportunities and blogs, look for channels and also Code of Ethics

* Community - you can browse for other users and Reality TV ( here. Besides that, you will also find the Izea blog here (there's four blogs under Izea - advertiser, community, developer and postie)

* Account - it's where you manage you finance/earning from SocialSpark and also you blogger account/profile.

* Help - the title says it all. You can view the Blogger FAQ or Advertiser FAQ. If you couldnt find an answer for you problem, you can always submit your queries to the Support Center.

this is the page where you browse for the opportunities... the best thing about SocialSpark is that you can even filter the opportunities that are available for you...

this is the page where i manage my blog... once you've sign up, you will need to check you blog status here... copy the code into your blog, install the itk and get your blog verified by SocialSpark...

this is the public profile that is viewable for other bloggers... there's some quick-stats about yourself here... you can also see the list of your friends, recent profile visitors and comments that you have in this page...

There's still a lot to explore in do NOT wait anymore... if you want to earn some extra cash in a minimal time, be a member of SocialSpark now !!

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