Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wow, seems like I have another great news to share with all of you.

From those people who brought us PayPerPost, now they have another great site for us bloggers which is SocialSpark - the new creation from IZEA and it is now open to public. If you have heard about PayPerPost or Smorty before, then you may want to join me and hundred or thousand (still counting..) over bloggers at SocialSpark. It is another social marketing network that linked us blogger and advertisers with their online advertising marketplace.

If you are an advertiser, you can target any blog in SocialSpark based on the their topics and make cash sponsorship offer to bloggers who publish them for you. For bloggers, let's make some extra cash together by writing some sponsored post about product, websites or services. You can always browse for an opportunities in the marketplace. Besides that, you can even choose to place an advertisement on your blog and make money with it. It's so great, isn't it ?

SocialSpark is not only a paid post site for bloggers but it is also another platform for us to make new friends. I've just joined SocialSpark recently, and I have made some blogger friends such as Roxiticus Desperate Housewives, the MommyBlogger - blm03 , Elite Blogger and there are more to come. Since i'm a newbie, these are the few bloggers that added me into their friends list, and from there, i'll get to explore more.

I actually find it quite interesting surfing thru SocialSpark because of it's friendly-user interface. You can send a message to other blogger and comment on other blogger's profile in SocialSpark. If you like their blog, you can "prop" it and if you dislikes, just "drop" it. Something new, right ?

There's just a few easy steps to join SocialSpark. First, you need to do is to sign up for an account with SocialSpark and create your own SocialSpark blogger profile. You need to fill up some basic informations but you have the option to keep it private. You may upload your photo in the avatar. After you enter all those relevant information, you will need to register your blog(s). But of course, they will check you blog before they can approve and verify it.

That's about it ! Once everything is done and you can start exploring SocialSpark. Choose an opportunity that is available for you from Marketplace, blog about it, get it approved, and the money is yours.

Wondering why i'm here to tell you all these ? It's because this is another paid post by SocialSpark.

Need to say more ? Check it our yourself today.

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