Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made of Honor

here's another contest by Nuffnang...

In conjunction with the release for Made of Honor in Malaysia, Hong Leong Online in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honor right after the dinner.

Details of the event as followed;
Date : Thursday, 12th June 2008
Venue: JW Marriott KL Ballroom
Attire : Formal, Suit, Evening Gown

The people at Hong Leong Online were nice enough to offer Nuffnangers 40 invitations to the grand event! Each invitation grants access for two and is inclusive of the Premiere Screening of Made of Honor.

But but.... we have to play the current Hong Leong fishing game and post a screenshot of our highest score for the game to win a pair of the exclusive invitation.... and there's only 30 invitations that are reserved for Glitterati members... :( :(

i've never join any contest from Nuffnang before... this is my first time, really hope that i can win the exclusive invites... i wanna watch Dr Shepherd !!!

Made of Honor

this is my highest score after many many attempts, only managed to catch 12900g of fishes !!!

anyway, I've tried my best to fish....please please please let me win... k ???

*Fingers crossed*

p/s: the deadline for request of invitations is on the 4th of June 2008.... so you guys still got time to fish slowly.... so that i can win, okay ??? thanksss yaaa...

Updates: LATEST SCORE !!

LATEST SCORE : 21st May 2008 :) :)

FINAL SCORE: 03/06/08 - 15000g

* crosses fingers *


KY said...

wooo, looks interesting ya.

KY said...

ops, wrong comment, i meant, I still pwn!!!!

samlzx said...

oo.. u got quite a high score there o_O *envy envy* xD

Robb said...

chi sin 1! how can u score so high?

baby^atrica said...

ky: we both scored the same... i wanna beat ur score !! hahahaa... let's meet at JW Marriot (if i win la...) :P

samlzx: no need to envy, u oso can do it... :)

robb: not chi sin la.... i'm good at "fishing" ma... hahaaaa...