Monday, September 10, 2007

KLIA and Jogoya @ Starhill

KLIA & Jogoya @ Starhill Gallery

woke up at 11am by a phone call... my 2nd ex-boyfriend asked me out for lunch.... we didnt see each other for almost a year since our break up... hahaaa... he fetched me to a cafe somewhere at Kepong... after lunch, he sent me back and visited my mum at home...

around 3pm, me and my sis sent her bf to KLIA... his flight back to Hong Kong was at 6pm... my sis drove and i took a short nap in the car... too tired cos slept very late the night before... we reached KLIA 4.30pm... after he checked-in his luggage, we had some drinks at McDonalds...

McDonald @ KLIA

after saying goodbye to my sis's bf, we headed straight to KL... again, i took a nap in the car.... muahahaaa.... :P we rushed to KL but the traffic was a bit congested near Bukit Bintang area... we were the last to reach at 6.30pm... the other 9 people reached at 5pm... :P

my sashimi feast... !

fresh osyter.. i had 2pcs only... it was too big and not cold enough !

Crab King Miso Soup... yummy yummy !

here comes the various desserts...

sweeeeeet chocolate mousse.. :)

and lastly, i had the Häagen-Dazs Green Tea ice cream and raspberry Sorbet...

my Sis and me... this pic a bit blurred !

we had some coconut drinks and also Jasmine tea to help our digestions.... hahahaa.... see the clip on the cup ?? it's with our table number on it... whatever dishes we want to order, we just need to put this clip at the bowl near the dishes... once the food is ready, the waiter/waitress will serve it to our table... :)

i ate lots and lots of food non-stop - sashimi, various of sushi, soft shell crab, fresh oysters, steamed cod fish, beef teppanyaki..... and many many more.... !!!

we finished eating at 9.30pm... and all of us went back separately...

Jogoya, we will come back again !!!

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